Diagnostic Imaging

Valle Giulia Clinic is endowed with a service of radiology that operates in all the sectors of diagnostic imaging. It is possible to carry out investigations using conventional radiology such as: chest radiography, radiography of the skeletal segments and projection radiography.
A volumetric CT is available and, thanks to its characteristics of acquisition, allows an accurate visualization of all districts in the body. Besides, thanks to the presence of a workstation, it is possible to perform a re-elaboration of the images, according to the different layers of the space (coronal, sagittal, oblique...) as well as 3D images.  
Although it is the most ancient jaw of the diagnostic imaging, it currently results necessary in some diagnostic runs. In fact, still today, it represents the first approach in the investigation of particular body districts such as the skeleton and the respiratory apparatus, whereas it appears to be an important technique of diagnostic completion in the study of the digestive apparatus, of the urinary apparatus and in many other locations of the body. In our structure, it is possible to perform:
  • RX Respiratory apparatus (Thorax)
  • RX Skeleton
  • RX Digestive apparatus
  • RX Defecography
In the musculoskeletal field of radiology, the Radiology services of the Valle Giulia Clinic are considered as a reference point. Among the methodical offers in such sector, all radiologic conventional techniques are shown to study the skeleton, and these include a Magnetic Resonance devoted to the study of the small articulations such as: knee, wrist, hand, ankle, elbow and foot. Furthermore, through volumetric CT and appropriate elaborations, it is possible to analyse big articulations as the pelvis and the shoulder, correctly appraise the integrity and the relationships of the articulations, the follow-up of arthroprosthesis operations (v. orthopaedics hip link) as well as a correct evaluation of the bony structures in case of complex fractures.
Over the last years, Valle Giulia Clinic has been prominent in the treatment of urological pathologies. For such reasons, the service of radiology offers all of the imaging techniques for the urogenital area:
  • Transrectal ultrasound
  • Testicular Color Doppler ultrasound, to study the disturbances
  • Conventional Urography
  • Uro CT
With uro-CT, it is possible to make 3D reconstructions of the urinary apparatus, including the excretory and the bladder system, which can therefore be valued correctly in every aspect and from every point of view.
In Valle Giulia Clinic various examinations can be carried out:
  • Biopsy (hepatic biopsy)
  • Fine Needle Aspiration (Biopsy of Thyroid)
  • Positioning of catheters for the drainage
  • Biliary and urethral Nephrostomy and endo-prosthesis
  • Vertebroplasty for the control of pain in osteoporosis and neoplastic based vertebral fractures
  • Treatment of herniated discs, of the reoccurrence and of the post-operatory fibrosis with ozone, mediated by a single percutaneous puncture using a thin needle in intradiscal or paravertebral location
  • Positioning of filters in patient with deep venous thrombosis picturing pulmonary embolism
  • Treatment of primary varicocele using endovascular technique
At the radiology services in Valle Giulia Clinic, all the pathologies regarding the arterial and venous vascular areas can be carefully valued through Echo Color-Doppler techniques. Moreover, the volumetric CT, with its reconstructions, allows to evaluate in a minimally invasive way, some arterial regions through a single injection of contrast in a vein of the arm (angio CT). With such process it is therefore possible to identify and to correctly quantify the presence of stenosis at the level of the carotid or the presence of abdominal aorta aneurysm, both conditions need to be thoroughly controlled and eventually be treated. With the angio CT, it is therefore possible to furnish all the information required to the clinical expert and the surgeon, for a correct approach.
At the radiology services in Valle Giulia Clinic, a MR is present and is devoted to the study of the small articulations (Artoscan). The examination is carried out only by introducing the specific body segment in the machine. A contemplated and detailed analysis is derived from it, allowing the maximum comfort to the patient. The examinations that are carried out are:
  • Knee MR
  • Ankle and Foot MR
  • Elbow MR
  • Wrist and Hand MR
Ultrasonography (US)
Valle Giulia Clinic is equipped with ultrasonographic machines of the latest generation on which highly qualified specialists operate. The US examinations that are performed are:
  • Abdominal and pelvic echography
  • Thyroid echography
  • Echography of lymph nodes
  • Muscular and articular echography
  • Gynaecologic and obstetric echography
  • Mammary echography
  • Echography of the urinary apparatus
  • Vascular Echo Color Doppler echography
  • Echocardiography with Color Doppler
  • Eco Biopsy (Thyroid, Liver, Breast)
It represents the best radiologic choice to study the breast. Thanks to the high sensibility and to the diagnostic accuracy, the mammogram allows the identification of possible pathologies in very early phases.
For such reason, the mammographic examination shall be indicated both in the clinical aspect of a pathology, but also and more importantly as a screening test in the precocious identification of breast tumours. Our Clinic owns a tomosynthesis mammogram (Giotto), technology to the state-of-the-art, fundamental for the senologic prevention in all women for the precocious diagnosis of breast pathologies.
This technology (DIGITAL BREAST TOMOSYNTHESIS) increases the diagnostic accuracy by succeeding in the individualization of tiny lesions that would result 'invisible' with the traditional examination due to the fact that the lesions are covered by other structures on all sides. In fact, it is a three-dimensional mammogram at a high definition. It is a diagnostic tool that allows the study of the breast “into layers” that, when overlapped, it reconstructs the breast as a whole. The greatest advantage is in the difficult breasts and in the dense breasts that can be analysed more specifically and in more detail, disclosing lesions that in the entire image would be otherwise disguised. This technology offers a similar performance to the digital mammography, but it is less painful because the necessary compression is inferior, hence increasing the comfort of the patient. Besides, to the actual state and with the tomosynthesis of a new generation, we also have as an advantage, a reduction of around 30% of the administered dose, allowing the mammogram to directly acquire the 3D layers and reconstruct the image into a 2D image using a mathematical algorithm.
In the cases of necessity, the mammographic examination will be integrated with the ultrasonographic one, and, to allow a rapid and conclusive diagnosis it is possible to perform a cyto/histological characterization of the lesions through cytological samples aspirated under an instrumental guide.
Volumetric CT enables to carry out all types of examinations in which this method is demanded. In addition, thanks to the presence of a workstation, it is possible to elaborate the images obtained by visualizing various organs according to different layers of the space as well as in 3D. Some examples of CT that are performed:
  • CT Thorax-Abdomen-Pelvis
  • CT -URO
  • CT Encephalon
  • CT Total body
  • CT Skeleton and Articulations
  • CT virtual Colonoscopy

Radiology services is open every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm 24/7