Valle Giulia Clinic has a highly specialised Centre in Urology, where a team of urologist experts are sustained scientifically by the epicUro association, which has more than thirty years of experience in the diagnosis and in the treatment of diseases regarding the urinary and genital (male) apparatus.
The Centre, in particular, is a well-known reference point regarding the diagnosis and the therapies of urological tumours, and, it is thanks not only to the employment of the most innovative mini-invasive surgical procedures as the laparoscopy, but also to the coordinated job of a multi-specialized team (internal doctors, anaesthesiologists, oncologists, nursing staff) of great experience in this delicate area of urology. The specialists are superlative also for the endourological procedures such as: the prostatic resection (for the treatment of the prostatic hypertrophy) endourethral and endovescical endoscopy (for the therapy of stenosis, gallstones and neoplasms of all the excretory pathway).
In the Centre there is also a department of sexual medicine and of reconstructive and prosthetic surgery regarding male’s genital apparatus, as well as the urologic and sexual post surgical rehabilitation. Most of the procedures are carried out under daily hospitalization.
The structure has been for years hocked in programs to continue updating the physician-sanitary and nursing personnel and through residential courses at a national and international level. Today, through the support of the Association EpicUro, the Centre guarantees a continuous professional improvement, a great specialization and numerous scientific publications.