The department of Orthopaedics of Valle Giulia Clinic has been for many years a reference point for the high quality in the specialization and the use of innovative techniques in the diagnosis and in addition, in solving problems regarding the articulating apparatus. Particularly:
Valle Giulia Clinic makes use of a team of specialists from the prestigious Hip Medical Centre of Gand (Belgium), a centre of excellence renown world-wide in hip surgery. Today, thanks to the evolution of the techniques and of the materials, hip arthroplasty is a common surgical procedure giving exceptional clinical results. The implant of a prosthesis allows a long lasting result and the return of the mobility and the functionality of the articulation. In a young and efficient person, the prosthesis offers the possibility to practice sport activities once again. The appeal to techniques and innovative materials, clearly decreases the recovery periods in comparison to the standard interventions, therefore guaranteeing a low risk of rejection and of revision of the prosthesis.

The health of the shoulder depends on a harmonic organization of mobility and stability. These two characteristics are guaranteed from all the structures in the capsule such as ligaments and tendons, which can face various pathologies derived from direct or indirect traumas, or from a functional overload:
  • Humeroscapular luxation
  • Acromioclavicular luxation
  • Pathologies of the rotator cuff
  • Humeroscapular arthritis
  • Capsulitis
Currently it is possible to treat these diseases with an arthroscopic mini-invasive surgery that permits a rapid functional recovery.
Our team is highly specialized in the clinical indications and in the surgical treatment of knee pathologies. It is an articulation particularly solicited from people practicing sport activities.
We perform treatments on: meniscal, ligament and cartilaginous problems, as well as degenerative-arthrosis pathologies with corrective and prosthetic interventions.
In the Valle Giulia Clinic’s department of Traumatology, treatments of bone fractures provoked by traumas are performed. Thanks to the methodical use of advanced fixation, it is possible to interfere in brief times, reducing to the minimum, the possible complications caused by the fracture. The fractured segment will undergo surgery using mini-invasive techniques, thus allowing an early mobilisation. By doing so, the patient will be able to continue the activities that were practiced before the trauma in the shortest time.
Inside the structure there is a Sports Traumatology Centre that focuses in the cure of multiple traumatic lesions occurring during various sport activities. In the Centre, specialists will accurately diagnose and cure muscular and tendon lesions, joint injuries, pathologies due to traumas and to overloads on the bones, cartilage and ligament tissue. The orthopaedic specialists offer appropriate therapeutic indications and innovative surgical solutions, which range from arthroscopic techniques to the repair of the muscle’s and tendon’s cartilage, to the utilization of biotechnologies and to the prosthesis’ substitutions. During the phase of therapeutic activities, particular attention is given to the rehabilitation of the patient (link is at the page of services).
The majority of the operations will be performed using arthroscopy technique (which is nothing else other than the evolution of traditional surgery), permitting through mini-invasive techniques and very brief rehabilitation periods, the treatment of diseases inside the joints (knee, shoulder and hip) across small cuts.

Thanks to Nano-surgery techniques, also other joints can be operated, such as: ankle, elbow and wrist.

The post-surgical rehabilitation: represents a decisive phase for every treatment. The rehabilitative protocols will start the same day of the operation and are evaluated for every single patient by a team of therapists who work along surgeons, monitoring and verifying constantly the result of the treatments. All the patients who find themselves prevented from continuing the rehabilitation program away from home, can request a manual and instrumental physiotherapeutic home care assistance.