The personnel specialized in the hospitalization will provide the patients with all the information necessary for the bookings, the services and the procedures, as well as the insurance documents for any refunds.
The admissions at the Clinic will take place on the same day of the hospitalization and it is necessary for the patient to go to the Clinics’ administration office. The office will be open from Monday to Friday starting from 8.30 am and closing at 7.30 pm; Saturday from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm.

The patient must show the following documents at the admission office:
  • ID card
  • tax code
  • Italian insurance health card
  • Company insurance card (if owned)
  • Certificate the medical doctor regarding the medical or surgical intervention

At the end of the administrative procedures regarding the hospitalization, the nursing personnel will accompany the patient to its stay where he/she will be informed on the therapeutic and diagnostic procedures he/she will need to undergo.

The rooms

Each and every room offers a wide range of accessories and furniture, allowing a smooth and comfortable stay.
In particular:
  • Private rest room
  • An adjustable electric bed; blackout drapes; emergency button; daybed for a guest
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Telephone
  • Flat screen LDC TV
  • Sky TV: please report to the personnel in charge if there is the desire to use our satellite Sky or any Paper View channels.
  • Comfort Kit: inside the suite the patient will find a practical beauty case housing various useful products for the permanence in our structure
  • Personalized meals: the Clinic guarantees to the hospitalized patients a daily service of 3 complete meals with the possibility to chose from our detailed menù. The meals will be served according to a strict time table which can be modified if precisely requested by a family member. The hourly followings are: Breakfast - 7:30. Lunch - 12:00. Supper - 18:00.
  • If the patient’s desire is to invite a guest for a meal, it is necessary to inform the personnel in charge so that a meal that satisfies the patient’s demands can be prepared.

Visiting the patient

Family members and friends of patients are free to enter the clinic and visit them, however it is advised to limit the visits in the resting hours (from 2 pm to 4 pm and from 10 pm to 7 am) so to guarantee the patient a quiet stay.
The access of guests to the Clinic after 10 pm is limited to the cases only of proven necessity or of previous explicit request of an additional bed. Any possible derogation must be agreed with the Clinic’s administration.

The telephone

Valle Giulia Clinic has an automatic h24 switchboard which can be contacted through the number +39 06.32479.1, with a qualified personnel available to you every day from 7.30 am to 10 pm. Friends and relatives who wish to contact directly from outside, also during the night hours, must reach the Clinic through the number +39 06.32479 followed by the number of the patient’s room. (In case the room is on the first floor, instead of typing n.1, the caller must digit n.6. E.g. room number 101 type +39 06.32479.601)


Despite different medical provisions, the room must be left free within the hour 12.00 am of the day arranged for the resignation.
The primary care physician will handle the resignation of the patient who will receive the resignation paper together with the therapeutic prescriptions to be observed.